Selling your home might seem like a daunting and confusing process, but fear not! Chris Kappmeyer is an absolute expert with 32+ years experience helping folks just like you sell their home. Chris will walk you through each step of the process, and once he breaks it down into its fundamental parts, it doesn’t seem nearly as difficult.

Chris Kappmeyer has a PROVEN process, give Chris 20 minutes to show you how he can maximize your home sale!


There are 3 Home Selling Truths…


The truth is, there is NO set price your home will sell for. We have found, there tends to be a 5%- 15% range that your home will sell for. Your unique sale price is elastic to how we expertly manage the key elements that directly influence your home’s sales price.


It makes sense to go with a provable, repeatable model that can sell your home quicker and for more money than a traditional Realtor®.PROCESS REALLY DOES LEAD TO PERFORMANCE!



The sad truth is that most home Sellers tend to leave $10’s of $1,000’s of $$ in lost profits because few Sellers (and a few Real Estate Agents) have a proven, repeatable home selling plan that proactively focuses on how to sell for the maximum value in the shortest amount of time.

we focus on4 Fundamentals of Home Selling

#1 Prepare Home to Attract High Offers

Your greatest point of lever­age in the home selling pro­cess is to prepare your home to attract buyers who will pay top dollar for your home.

#2 Price Home to Market

Choosing the correct initial pricing is critical to achieving maximum current value. The biggest mistake home sellers make is to overprice their home relative to current mar­ket conditions and compa­rable homes on the market.

#3Maximum Marketing Exposure

The goal of marketing your property is to generate the maximum number of qualified buyers to view your home in the shortest amount of time while positioning your home to attract the highest offers.

#4Negotiate From a Position of Strength

Strong negotiators win through preparation. The shocking truth is that 97% of home sellers lose thou­sands to tens of thousands of dollars because they lack a proven strategy and special­ized skills to negotiate from a position of strength.

Chris’ unique7 step selling process

Step 1 The Big Picture

  • We want to know YOUR goals
  • We outline Chris’ unique listing process
  • We educated the Seller about the local Real Estate market


Step 2 Perceived Value

  • Chris will pay for a professional Appraiser ($500 – $1,000)
  • Pre-inspect the home to identify any potential deal killers and to discover possible repairs needed.


step 3 Maximum Marketing

Let Chris Kappmeyer show you how his front-end-loaded marketing process will not only increase the odds your home will sell faster but also encourage multiple offers

step 4 Home Presentation Skills

Chris will pay for a professional Stager who works well with Chris unique listing process to come through your home room by room to suggest possible updates as well as landscaping needs

step 5Negotiation Strategy Skills

Chris Kappmeyer will use his 28+ years in Real Estate and his 1,000+ transactions to negotiate the best deal for you and your family

step 6 Chris’ Financial Commitment

Have you ever had a professional Realtor® tell you how much they would spend in marketing your home? On average, Chris’ will spend $2,500 per listing before your home ever hits the market!

step 7Quality of Team & Execution

Obviously, Chris can’t do all the tasks that go with marketing your home himself. Chris and him team of Assistants, Contractors and Vendors, who are all very aware of how to work hand-in-hand to make sure that you have a smooth process from start to finish.


  • “Chris’s unique process and many years of experience in real estate enabled us to both maximize the sale of our home in a short amount of time and purchase the home of our dreams in Barton Creek. Chris is a consummate professional and has become a trusted friend.”

  • “I was blown away by the detailed, thorough, & proven pre-listing process / marketing Chris & team used to sell my home. We had an offer within a week, well above asking price. Chris & team have the relationships & know all the right contacts within the local Austin market. I have bought & sold many homes & Chris is far and above the best Realtor I have worked with. If you are not using Chris & team then you are doing yourself a disservice… Seriously! More importantly Chris is just good people.”
    -R. KERR

  • “I couldn’t be more pleased by the service Chris provided using his expertise, knowledge and experience. He was very thorough and negotiated the best deal available to bring the sale to close.”



With over 29 years of Real Estate experience in Westlake & West Austin, Chris Kappmeyer has the area knowledge and Unique Processes to Maximize your Real Estate sales and purchases. His personal touch and educated team will truly increase the value of your home.  Give Chris 20 minutes to show you how he can make you 5 to 15% more than a traditional Realtor.

Chris S. Kappmeyer


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